[15] The Captain of the Guard,[3] Ziton Moj, greeted them upon their arrival and led them to the Black Sun's leaders, headed by Xomit Grunseit. Using the Force, he tore open the structure and finally discovered the wayfinder. The Supreme Leader of the First Order slaughtered the Sith cult that defended Fortress Vader and discovered his grandfather's Sith wayfinder, a tool that allowed him to locate the phantom emperor Sidious on Exegol. Rescuing the Acolyte in hopes of not bringing death upon anyone in the process of destroying Vader's castle, Giggek was at once betrayed by Vaneé, who dropped the boy down the pit in hopes of bringing death to those who sought to tarnish his master's legacy. Using Momin's hubris against him, Vader crushed and killed the resurrected artist. As Vader did so, the Eye of Webbish Bog called out to the Sith Lord,[82] who, despite being deprived of his chest box and lightsaber by Ochi, fought his way through hordes of lava nymphs and lava fleas as well as a roggwart to reach the Eye's cavern. By the reign of the Empire from Darth Vader's castle years later, Lellis realized that his kind lived in the shadow of the fallen Jedi Knight, of Vader, since the fall of the Separatists. [27], Orbiting close to the gas giant Jestefad, with which it was twinned, Mustafar was constantly pulled by the gravitational force of the nearby planet, which nearly captured the smaller world as its moon. Copyright 2020 ComicBook.com. Turbulent and ash-laden,[11] the atmosphere was also hot and chemical,[36] consisting of thick clouds of black smoke[20] and allowing for[35] choking ash[29] to fall like rain. In addition to the fortress, Moj also possessed a palace. [38], Mustafar's instability churned magma carrying ores[7] with unique and valuable minerals[39] to its surface,[7] attracting business interests[11] from various[1] galactic mining conglomerates[7] such as the Mining Guild[1] to exploit the mineral wealth of the otherwise untouched world. So long as their safety or that of their companions was not threatened, the species was disinterested in galactic affairs, which made them foremost disinclined to leave their homeworld. Due to its proximity to Raydonia, Admiral Gial Ackbar sent a scout to Mustafar, as well as to Tatooine, Dermos, and Geonosis, while two scouts were sent to Akiva. Switches to a shot of the planet Lah’mu and the ship flying through the rings. He had Vader's personal guard of death troopers drag the crippled Sith to the spot where Kenobi had defeated him decades ago, leaving Vader to fend for himself. Vader’s Mustafar castle in Rogue One would be concepted, designed, and explored beyond even the narrative needs of Rogue One itself. The influence of the massive magnetic field of Mustafar's larger twin resulted in its hellish volcanic landscape, as the power of Jestefad's gravitational force caused massive tidal disruption that heated Mustafar's interior. Repulsor vents were thus installed at the Mining Complex to prevent such toxic fumes from rising to indoor facilities and being inhaled by those within. [55], Fascinated by the power he tapped into in the Sith cave on Mustafar, Vader requested that the world be given to him by his master[37] around 14 BBY,[57] believing that the planet held the key to seeing his deceased wife once again. [14] The fearsome darkghast, similar in some respects[21] to the rancors of Dathomir,[41] was a multi-limbed carnivore that could be found beneath the world's rocky surface. A small planet located in the Atravis sector of the Outer Rim Territories[31] within the system of the same name[4] and situated in grid square L-19[8] of the Standard Galactic Grid,[32] Mustafar was once a lush world thriving with life, thanks to the power of an artifact known as the Bright Star that nourished what came to be known as a garden world. [11], Aside from the native people and the Techno Union, Mustafar was also inhabited by Falleen,[15] tall and muscular repto-mammalians native[91] to the Mid Rim[8] planet of the same name[91] that controlled the vast Black Sun criminal empire. Aside from skirmishes and lesser operations, fighting largely passed Mustafar by during the Clone Wars. L3-37 explained that the tactic was named such in reference to the eponymous lava planet's fiery nature. Let us know in the comments below or contact Patrick Cavanaugh directly on Twitter to talk all things Star Wars and horror! However, electromagnetic interference also posed a significant risk for off-world arrivals and departures. [7] The Union provided the Mustafarians with tools to mine mineral allotropes for them,[31] labor which served to pay their rent. However, after instructing his Mustafarian companion to flee, which Tuttel did with their lava flea, Giggek ignited his explosives through a remote detonator, and although the blast did not bring down Vader's castle, Vaneé was buried in black sand. Caution is advised. This act allowed Mustafar to begin replenishing the ecosystem it lost long ago.[34]. While we didn't get to spend a … This was one of the most epic scenes IMO. [99] With a gap dividing the central body of the tower in the middle that resembled tuning forks, the fortress harnessed the surrounding lava for energy. STARWARS.COM DATABANK – Mustafar. Mustafar system[4] Fortress Vader was created based off of a few of McQuarrie's designs. Hidden away from the world's searing lava rivers, kahel cave fungi grew underground. [18] Stories of the Jedi who died by his hand on Mustafar became synonymous with the planet itself. Mustafar is rich in unique and valuable minerals which have long been mined by the Tech Union. [23] Kongo was reputedly the last of his kind[43] by between 0 and 1 ABY,[45] though this may have been said in an effort to make the roggwart seem more mysterious and exotic.[43]. Their focus on the advancement and survival of their own species overrode other concerns, a result of inhabiting a world that demanded so much in order to so much as continue living. [11] The saucer-shaped structures were strongly reinforced and armored against natural calamities, with larger facilities on Mustafar becoming fortresslike in construction and durability. STARWARS.COM DATABANK – Mustafar. [34] By 35 ABY,[40] barren irontrees could be found within the few places where fertile soil existed,[7] such as the muggy marshland[35] of Corvax Fen. Click "[show]" in the "Appearances" section if any redlinks aren't immediately visible. @martin_morrison_illustration. [14] In one instance, the planet bore witness to a plot to kidnap Force-sensitive children by bounty hunter Cad Bane, who deposited the children at a facility there for the Sith Lord Darth Sidious' plan to create an army of Force spies. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. Cut Cameos, Characters, and Planets Planets. When the castle was seen in Gareth Edwards' Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we initially thought it was just a place to meditate.Now, using the mask of the artistic Sith Lord Momin, Vader wants to tap further into the locus at the planet's core, which allows him a deeper-dive into the Dark Side and its energy. Rogue One Why was Vader's location not named? L-19[8] The Sith Emperor mutilated Vader on Coruscant, ripping his cybernetic limbs from his body and strangling him as he had done to men like Krennic in the past. In response, Commandant Deenlark snorted with derision and asked if the Chiss wished to have the three attackers transferred to Mustafar as punishment. “The only time they don’t use a title card is Mustafar… I think they wanted to preserve the mystery of that location.” - @garywhitta explaining why every planet besides Mustafar received a title card in #RogueOne #WFHTheater pic.twitter.com/lzswcEBX7Q, "Where does Vader go when he's not working? Mustafar has been present in a lot of Star Wars books and comics over the years, but fans have hoped to see the area explored more on the big screen, or now, even the small screen. Warned by his master that there would be consequences should he use the Force to save himself, a one-armed Vader crawled along the lava banks and retrieved his fallen lightsaber before slowly making his way to the ruins of the Techno Union installation. [27], Shortly after the slaughter of the Separatist leaders at[10] the Techno Union mining complex's secret war room,[11] Padmé Amidala arrived at Mustafar, having rushed to the volcanic world in the hope of saving her husband from falling further to the dark side. Over a decade later, Rebels indicated that the Sith established facilities on Mustafar to execute Jedi survivors of Order 66. [58], Two mysterious beings resided within a small lake and guarded the path to the ruins of Vader's castle; one, a blind giant, and the other, an individual known as the Eye of Webbish Bog, were locked in a symbiotic relationship. [7], Mustafar's atmosphere was influenced by the breath of its volcanoes and Jestefad's massive magnetic field. Rogue One: Must We Fear the Man from Mustafar? [13] The Sith Lord's occupancy was known to others in the galaxy as well. [37], The Mustafarians grew few crops, as the lack of water meant traditional farms, even when located underground, could not be sustained;[14] water had to be imported to Mustafar. 1:05. Over the course of five separate designs, Momin struggled to find the perfect structure that could correctly channel the dark side. [14] Nevertheless, Mustafarians had knowledge of the former Jedi who slaughtered the Separatist leaders and nearly killed the boy Kakan and the miner Lellis, and whilst some thought that the fallen Jedi Knight was gone, some thought that he still remained in the mists of Mustafar. [97] The installation's architecture was distinct from other facilities located on Mustafar. As it is, Rogue One is stuffed with planets.Jedha, Eadu, Yavin IV, Scarif, Mustafar—it’s a lot of locations. The planet consists largely of volcanic environments, featuring lava rivers and active volcanoes. Flora This page contains unmarked spoilers. Astrographical information Opens on a shot of a planet which pans up to a view of planetary rings with a small ship flying through them.