You can also purchase items without registering. Reach … Don’t die.‘ and ‘#2. Much like Unbound Gravel’s XL, The Long Voyage will require riders to source their own food, water, and support. So come join us! The bottle mounts are a big selling point, but it also has the right measurements—400mm axle to crown, 45mm rake, and options for 100 x 12 or 15mm bolt-in thru-axles. The stiffness and durability of a good wheel is critical to any long distance gravel race. Get the latest race news, results, commentary, and tech, delivered to your inbox. - You have big dreams for the likes of Dirty Kanza, Land Run 100, and Trans Iowa, and know you'll need the most dialed gravel bike for these epic adventures. A 100+ mile gravel road bicycle race starting at and finishing in Lawrence, KS. Gravel Routes 100 mile Bingham Built Gravel Gruel. New Year, Fitter You. Virtual Challenge 25-50-100-150 Mile. Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites. The Crusher is the ultimate Enhanced Gravel experience offering all levels of rider an opportunity to explore U.P. The Mid South gravel race cancels its main event, scheduled to be held from March 12 to 14. In pursuit of rugged adventure, we discovered a route that stitches together fast gravel roads and signature two-tracks, spanning Michigan’s lower peninsula. Noch kein Foto hochgeladen Upload. Pumpkin Holler Gravel Smasher. Our gravel calculator makes landscaping projects easier. A good aluminum rim gives you less to worry about in the event of a mishap as well, and the saying goes “don’t race it if you can’t replace it”. New Year, Fitter You. He was killed by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle in 2017. Pikes Peak Marathon). The Grind is a weekly column on all things gravel. The Bighorn 100 is one of the classics, demanding you to reach deep down to your core of mental and physical fortitude. Jan 1-31, 2021. Rest days are on Monday and Friday and rest weeks every four weeks. Save Event. Deciding how much you like to suffer is up to you. gravel, two-tracks and fire roads, at their own pace. In addition to these aid stations “to prevent you from dying,” there will be “one guy in a pickup.” Last year said guy in the pickup was busy ferrying DNFers to safety. Race organizer, Pirate Cycling League has selected 100 riders to participate in the challenge. There is an increased appetite for this kind of grassroots event. Wednesday, 17 August 2016. For $299, it seems like a great choice for a gravel bike fork. Weekend workouts are 2-4:30 hours. Cyclocross & Mountain Bike (MTB) Events are popular across the UK. Sand & Gravel - Wholesalers &/or Manufacturers in 100 Mile House, BC with reviews, maps, and contact information. It became very clear that I had been training with zones that were to low in range. “Some of my friends and I decided to try riding across the old Pony Express route as a bikepack,” said Bobby Kennedy of a 2015 plan to ride 200 miles across the Utah desert. no. Instead, the race will hold challenges throughout the country due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You don’t want to be 100 miles into an event and have a spoke break or freehub blow apart. Eager Beaver 2.0 100 Mile Gravel Grinder - Race Review Part 2 challenge a friend. Kennedy peppers the whole concept of his race with desert-dry humor. The first year Kennedy ran the event for free, just asking for donations. Our long-standing expertise and knowledge of the industry has allowed us to perfect the development and delivery of products ranging from standard 5-sack concrete mixes to specialty high strength mixes with the same high quality, regardless of project size. The benchmark gravel-race bike Makes a light and fast road bike too Super light, with a frame weighing 880 grams and a fork weighing 370 grams, the U.P.P.E.R. Randy Gibson was an accomplished cyclist and co-promoter of Gravel Worlds. Curious what you guys carry for this sort of event and what you use to carry it. Normally for my 0-50 mile rides I carry 1 or 2 water bottles and a saddle bag with tube, co2, multi tool with chain tool, chain link, and a couple tire levers. “Giving back to our community has always been our number one goal and we’re honored this event will give back to the community that has supported our entire gravel family,” Strohbehn said. In a 100-mile race, the going will always get tough and stuff will always hit the fan. Historic Gravel Road Ride (Mullet Ride) A gravel road ride taking place in Baldwin City, Kansas with 12, 28 and 43 mile options, and connecting famous historical sites in the area. Get 15% Off Membership →, New Year, Fitter You. Also unlike the GT-105 Gravel Ride, the race is much more official in terms of buy-ins to participate and the club only had the race open before all of the spots were purchased. Sweet spot training is specific to gravel grinder racing. CUE SHEETS; 2013 Riders & Finish Times; Le Gritty Debacle Awakens 21 01 2016. Sweet Spot Training. Warbird is Salsa's gravel race bike, designed to provide smooth performance on the roughest surfaces. ENTER NOW. You probably won’t regret it, even!”. September 5, 2021. “The thought was to split the cost of a sag. 100 Mile Start June 18, 2021. The Land Run 100 has changed its name to the MID-SOUTH as of 12/30/19. You may have noticed that last fall we did not all get together to ride 100 or so miles of Iowa’s finest gravel roads around Iowa City? Remember that in some cases you could be 25 or 50 miles from the nearest town, so you should show-up prepared with a plan B. The event did not require an entry fee but rather participants could make donations to the Randy Gibson Memorial Fund. Online Race Results hosts marathon, half-marathon, 10K, 5K, and triathlon results. 25, 50, 75 and 100 miles. The I-500 Snowmobile Race guarantees to rock every sense you have: the roar of the engine, the bite of the cold, the glory of the race, the sweet smell of victory. Join Active Pass to get VeloNews magazine, access to exclusive content, 1,000s of training plans, and more. The 100 riders selected for the 2021 Long Voyage consist of 18 women and 82 men from more than 20 states and 3 countries. “We had never heard of anybody doing it before. It began, as many such things do, with a half-baked idea. Date: Saturday, July 24th, 2021 Location: Eminence, Indiana © 2021 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. One hundred miles across the high-altitude, extreme terrain of the Colorado Rockies, this event was created for only the most determined athletes. I'm mainly looking for advice on two fronts: training & gear. Fans get into it. Registration for the primary 150-mile Gravel Worlds, 75-mile Privateer, and 50km Buccaneer events opens Saturday, January 16th, 2021 at 8:00am CST. After the 2,178 mile (3,507 kilometer) north-south Mexican section of the Pan-American Highway was completed in 1950 a nine-stage, five-day race across the country was organized by the national government to celebrate its achievement and attract international business. 100 mile Gravel Road Cycling race in Patagonia, Arizona The Spirit World 50 Waitlist $0 7:00 AM 50 miles $0 50 mile Gravel Road Cycling race in Patagonia, Arizona Purchase Event Items Add event items for purchase to your registration. This plan works well for any 70-100 mile races like the Crusher in the Tushar, Land Run 100, Dirty Kanza 100 as well as many others. Designed to start on a Monday with shorter workouts on weekdays and longer workouts on weekends. 2. Ultras - An ultramarathon is any running event longer than a marathon (i.e. 100 Miles Xtreme Gravel Challenge. Weekday workouts are 1 hr to 1.5 hours. Barry-Roubaix is a classic-style road/off-road cycling race featuring a variety of terrain and surfaces to test cyclists of all skill levels. Fast forward to 2019, and the inaugural Stupid Pony gravel race saw 20 riders set out from Eagle Mountain to Wendover, Utah for a one-day, 218-mile race. REGISTER NOW. For some it will be a race, while for others it will be a day of personal exploration and adventure. The race where legends are created and limits are tested. You’ll experience approximately 60% gravel, 40% pavement throughout. Add To Calendar. This extended route builds upon the first 40 mile route by adding even more sweet Aitkin County Gravel Alps! I realized a 17 watt increase in power when I took the initial FTP test (thanks in large part to another FasCat plan, the 100 mile MTB race plan – modified). This nearly 100 mile gravel and pavement ride loop takes you throughout the Cuyuna Hills and the Gravel Alps of Aitkin County (as the locals call them). Registration is open. “Definitely a t-shirt, maybe also a car wash.” And the award for the first man? ... Race photos by Mile 90 . Riders will head out of town on pavement over Rabbit Ears Pass before turning right onto dirt into the Buffalo Park. Gravel Worlds picks 100 participants for new 300-mile ‘Long Voyage’ race The 300-mile self-supported race will run in conjunction with the event's other signature distances. In 2019, the following description was appropriate: 'the 20M race has 20 laps and the 10M race has 10 laps. New Year, Fitter You. Baked Potato. This is it. He commemorated the trip with a tattoo. Event Menu; Register; Event Notes; Location & Contact; Who's Registered? “To pay homage to our first Gravel Worlds in 2010, we capped the event to 100 riders, the same as our first year. Gravel Cyclist Event Calendar The embedded calendar will take a moment or two to appear, please be patient. The Ozark Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run is a point-to-point 101 mile ultramarathon on the Ozark Trail through the Mark Twain National Forest in south central Missouri. The BWR is a modern, irreverent 217km race over dirt, gravel, single-track, steep bergs, long climbs, creek crossings, and unrelenting head-winds. Tim Tait won the men’s race in 13 hours and 46 minutes. Following the launch of our brand in 2010, the goal at Forme has been simple: to create a product that encourages people to ride more, become fitter, and enjoy a more sustainable, hassle free cycling experience. The first one consists of jugs of water. And, the best part, these race-fueled snow monsters are only part of … Beginning on the original Heartland 100 course with a 30 mile loop out to Eureka, KS beginning at mile 15. Once I put that on Facebook, people were like, ‘okay, I’ve always wanted to do that.'”. In place of the traditional race, The Mid South will hold an at-home event that allows participants to complete 100-mile, 50-mile, and 50-kilometer routes in their home states. Registration is capped at 1,000 participants for the 2021 events. Home Archive Riders / Finish Times; Updates! The depth of the gravel must also come into play. To-date, Long Voyage participants have donated more than $5,000, to be used for Lincoln Parks projects across the city. - this is essentially a 20 mile race with a 10 mile option - you decide any time up to 9.9 miles, but if you pull out after 10 miles you will considered as DNF'. Many are veterans of the long-distance bikepacking race The Tour Divide. One hundred miles of extreme Colorado Rockies terrain — from elevations of 9,200 to 12,600 feet. This is it, the race of all races. The trip made a lasting impression on him. Rest days are on Monday and Friday and rest weeks every three weeks. You also love the idea of one bike with such incredible versatility that it excels at gravel racing, adventure road riding, bikepacking, and whatever kind of ride you feel like tackling next. The BWR is like no other cycling event on American soil. Get 15% Off Membership → Looking for advice from experienced gravel riders: I'm now registered for my first ever 100 mile gravel race 4 months away (it's the Le Grand Du Nord, in Grand Marais, MN). “We were expecting 25 riders for our first year and ended up with over 140 applicants,” said Jason Strohbehn, co-promoter of the event. Last year, 28 riders took the start including former road pro TJ Eisenhart, and 12 finished. Starting and ending in the remote Eastern Oregon town of Burns, the Skull 120 bills itself as "America's gnarliest gravel race." The 100-Mile Training Plan Rides Long Ride: The Meat . Get 15% Off Membership →, New Year, Fitter You. Named to the Global Cycling Network's Top Five Gravel Events, the event is known as the World's Largest Gravel Road Race. We have a great selection of bikes and specialize in bicycle service, bike rental & weekly group rides from the shop. 26.2 miles). Or at least appreciate the divergence from typical corporate-speak one sees in many events’ self-promotion. It just can’t be stopped! We’re stoked to have such is a deep lineup of experienced, accomplished ultra-endurance athletes, and we’re looking forward to hosting them in August.”. Next race: "Welcome to the Rock 100", March 6th at Rockingham Speedway » Last race: "Old North State Nationals" » 2020 CARS Late Model Stock Tour schedule and results » Previous CARS Late Model Stock Tour races at Rockingham » CARS Late Model Stock Tour drivers' career stats at … Race the setting sun as you cross the mighty Mitten — from coast to stunning freshwater coast. An ultrarun is any unusually difficult running event, regardless of distance (e.g. Each week is between 7 and 11 hours of training. Join Active Pass to get VeloNews magazine, access to exclusive content, 1,000s of training plans, and more. The Gravel Smasher follows the Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd course and shares the road with the 100 mile runners as they finish their final loop. Description. Hopping on your gravel-faring rig and heading out for 100 miles or more over some serious terrain takes some training. Humphrey's Gravel Grinder sponsored by Orange Mud - 200, 100, 50, 25 mile options Fri May 14 - Sat May 15, 2021 Smithville, MO Event Website. The 125-mile race starts Friday Oct 9, 2020 at 10:00 pm. You will give the mountain respect, and earn respect from all. Start this plan 24 weeks before your goal race, then follow the 12 week 100 Mile Gravel Race Build plan for optimal race readiness. With grueling conditions and minimal support, only 10 finished. The 2020 racing season runs from March 15th to October 3rd. The Gravel Smasher is a 30, 60, or 70 mile gravel bike race held on Sunday, October 17th. These ultra statistics are updated infrequently, but if you send updates to, you should see them appear soon. For support on the Stupid Pony, Kennedy Water offers three aid stations at approximately 60, 110, and 160 miles in. 100 Miles Xtreme Gravel Challenge. Ride What You Know. Start this plan 12 weeks before the start of your target race. Located in the countryside community of Booneville, IA.A small community with … Follow the 100 mile Gravel Race Build plan (below) after completing this Base Plan. For 2021, Kennedy is offering a 100-mile race, the Salty Lizard 100, the 200-plus-mile Stupid Pony, and then a 310-mile race, the Stupid Lizard. Three distances are available (100, 80, and 44 miles), so no matter if you choose to race, ride, or cruise this event is for you! Whether you want to crush gravel, volunteer your time, or fundraise for a great cause, we’ve got something for everyone to dig into. Get 15% Off Membership →, Pro gravel racers discuss whether or not to race in 2021, Groad Tripping into 2021: A look into the gravel future, Six early-season gravel races to put on your list for 2020, Gravel’s big year: Inside the Dirty Kanza’s sale; prize cash in the Rockies; WorldTour participation. Amelia during the holidays 12-20-2020 Coconut Cup #2 Amelia Earhart Park - Hialeah, Fl. September 5, 2021. The Sparta also has provisions for fender mounts, internal cable routing, and room for 650b x 50 road plus tires. © 2021 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. To wit, here is one of his pitches to come join the 2021 Stupid Pony: “There’s going to be lots of distance, good friends, and a LOT of time to yourself to rue your shitty risk-management apparatus. We'll get the day kicked off with an awesome 89ish mile gravel ride hosted by Q+M called the Nacho Bel Grundie at 8am. In your first week, you’ll want to ride 1.5 to 2 hours, or about 20 miles, and build from there. The speedway is a 1/2 mile banked smooth clay oval with speeds reaching in excess of 100 mph. Every second year, they offer a 2,000 mile option, including 2020. So what can you do if you’ve got work, family and other obligations and are limited on training time? PLYMOUTH, INDIANA (September 24, 2020) – After rained washed out their first attempt to race at Plymouth Speedway back on August 2, David Gravel and the stars of the World of Outlaw NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series returned on Thursday night to race at the semi-banked 3/8-mile track nestled in the countryside near South Bend. 2021 Booneville Backroads Ultra Races Labor Day Weekend (09/04-09/05) Iowa’s Original 100-mile race and Proud member of the No Coast Trail Series and the RRCA Championship Series. 2020 Stupid Pony winner Tim Tait climbs Dugway Pass. The award for winning the Stupid Pony women’s race? Before starting this plan we recommend completing the 12 week 100 Mile Gravel Race Base plan. RIDE • VOLUNTEER • FUNDRAISE. March 6, 2021 - Southern Cross 55 Mile Ultra Gravel Grind, Montaluce Winery, Dahlonega, GA. April 3, 2021 - Blankets Creek Dirty 15/30 MTB Race, Blankets Creek Trails, Canton, GA. April 3, 2021 - Battle of Blankets Creek Trail Run, Blankets Creek Trails, Canton, GA - Mountain Goat Trail Run Series #2 “I was a bike mechanic and a grad student, so was dead broke,” he said. Named after Laura Ingalls Wilder's husband and staged in Southeastern Minnesota, the Almanzo is a 100-mile gravel race, with gnarly roads, epic hills and even river crossings. Jackie Baker was the first woman across the line in 20 hours and 29 minutes. Have a 100 mile gravel race coming up. 100 mile Gravel Road Ride in SE Iowa. This year prices range from $25 to $140, depending on the distance. But it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.”. ENTER NOW. Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder We’re on for June 26, 2021! Additionally, the calendar may not load if an ad-blocker is present (you can whitelist this page). Any Town Any Surface After the ride is completed we'll have the awards celebration at 2pm at HOMES brewery. New Year, Fitter You. I’m sure somebody had, but we didn’t know about it.”, “We got a ride west, and then, over the course of three days, we rode the 200 miles back to Salt Lake City,” said Kennedy, a graduate student at the University of Utah. Presented by Smithville Parks and Rec Register. Should be going past 2 gas stations along the route. 1950. submit. Menü ; Allgemeines; Strecken ; Bewertungen; Karte; Events in der Nähe; Termin bearbeiten Mediadateien hinzufügen Exportieren (iCal) Zum Radkalender. The race is mostly on single track trail with several water crossings and approximately 12,000 feet of elevation gain. The Mid South gravel race cancels its main event, scheduled to be held from March 12 to 14. This route heads through National Forest land coming out to at the bottom of Gore Pass. Visit our site to learn more about choosing our training plans to meet your needs. While water is of prime importance, toting clothing (and of course food and flat-fixing gear) is a close second, as last year the race started in sub-freezing temps before climbing to the 70s by mid-day. Read his site and you’ll likely appreciate his use of language. Get the latest race news, results, commentary, and tech, delivered to your inbox. It was built off years of experience racing in some of the nation’s premier gravel events like the Almanzo 100, Dirty Kanza 200, and 340-mile Trans Iowa. The key takeaway is to focus on running economy, and to realize that you don’t have to run crazy long all the time to run crazy long on race day. Online Registration Deadline: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at 5:00 PM CT. View Cart. Stay for the Street Dance Stay for the Street Dance Stay for the Street Dance. City of Ludington 400 S Harrison Street Ludington, MI 49431 Phone: 231-845-6237 STAGES CYCLING LEADVILLE TRAIL 100 MTB 2021 Lottery opens February 1st! I used the 6 week intermediate Gravel Grinder plan to prepare for 2019 Barry-Roubaix. The MID-SOUTH is a solo, self supported, non-stop, 100-mile-long bicycling endurance challenge on the gravel … 100 MILE JOURNEY . An American salute to the historic European Spring Classic races. A cycling ultra-endurance gravel road race staged from El Dorado Lake. September 2-5, 2021. Don’t cause others to die.‘). An out and back course on backcountry gravel roads with less than one mile of paved surface for the 100-mile race. Gib doch eine Bewertung zum Event ab, wenn du dabei warst Hier geht es zu den Ergebnissen. September 5, 2021. Although Mountain Bike Events are fairly self-explanatory, Cyclocross isn't as well known - but its popularity is growing fast. the world's fastest. New for 2021, The Long Voyage is a 300-mile, fully self-supported gravel race that will run in conjunction with the existing 150-mile, 75-mile, and 50km Gravel Worlds events, scheduled for August 21st, 2021 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Screened Material, Washed Rock, Road Gravel, Pit-run Gravel, Pea Gravel, Gravel Screening, Driveway Gravel, Crushed Stone, Crushed Gravel, Aggregate Local owned and operated long-standing business, servicing 100 Mile House and surrounding area The unique combination of the quiet roads surrounding a thriving resort town create a setting for an incredible gravel bike race. 7 Mile Cycles is your local Trek bike shop in Elk Grove Village, IL. Grit Gravel Grind. fastest scroller in the world. Race to the Sea is a 164km mountain- and gravel bike journey from Franschhoek to Hermanus. “I had a huge bag bungee-corded to saddle, and had to stop every 15 minutes to readjust it. Queen's Stage Race. While Kyle’s training build shows one method for training for a breakthrough 100-mile race, there are many others. 7/8/2021 – New race for 2021: Austrian Extreme Bike Race: Austria: 2500: Road: Starting & finishing in SE Austria, the route includes all the challenging terrain of Autria and “some hidden special places”, mostly paved roads with a few gravel paths. Concrete. There will be a 100 mile course, a 60 mile course, a 40 mile course. Tater Tot. Get Directions. SBT GRVL Race Information with maps for Black Course - 144 Miles approx 9,400 feet of climbing, Blue Course - 103 Miles approx 6,300 feet of climbing, Red Course - 64 miles approx 4,100 feet of climbing, Green Course - 37 miles approx 2,000 feet of climbing 100. start. Kennedy completed his master’s degree in environmental humanities — “I spent most of the degree trying to figure out what that means” — and is now working on his Ph.D. in English literature at the University of Utah, with specialties in Western literature and Native American literature. Check out the photos below for more from last year’s Stupid Pony. We ran out of water. Our largest show, the World of Outlaws National Open will pay $65,000 to the winner plus over $150,000 in prize money. The second two have running water. The legendary “Race Across The Sky” 100-mile run is where it all started back in 1983. Starting at 10,152 feet and Das Event hat bereits stattgefunden. Yuri Hauswald, winner of the 2015 race formerly known as the DK (now Unbound Gravel) is also on the start list. The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), also known as The Race to the Clouds, is an annual automobile hillclimb to the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado, USA.The track measures 12.42 miles (19.99 km) and has over 156 turns, climbing 4,720 ft (1,440 m) from the start at Mile 7 on Pikes Peak Highway, to the finish at 14,115 ft (4,302 m), on grades averaging 7.2%. The Stupid Pony is $80. is the prototypical gravel race … Use our 2021 - 2022 calendar below to find CX and MTB Races near you! 4 September 2021. But still, you want to take one of these things on because, well, they look like some measure of fun. Get 15% Off Membership →, Rock Cobbler gravel race postpones 2021 event due to COVID-19, Gravel’s big year: Inside the Dirty Kanza’s sale; prize cash in the Rockies; WorldTour participation. Instead, the race will hold challenges throughout the country due to … Get 15% Off Membership → The 1950 race ran almost entirely along the new roadway. The emotion is contagious. Fast forward to 2019, and the inaugural Stupid Pony gravel race saw 20 riders set out from Eagle Mountain to Wendover, Utah for a one-day, 218-mile race… Individuals within the community provided the Camden County Sheriff’s Department information that Camden County Road and Bridge had laid over mile of gravel on private property. and a 20 mile course for the kiddos. The Dust Bowl 100 is Indiana's First Gravel Century, featuring some of the Midwest's finest gravel. SBT GRVL is a world-class gravel race experience held on the greatest gravel roads on Earth in and around the magnificent Steamboat Springs, CO. 18, 32, 52 Mile Start June 19, 2021 ... 16 miles of rugged 2-track jeep trail road, and 8 miles of gravel road. “One of my t-shirts in some kind of condition.”  The description for the Salty Lizard 100 Tandem race reads, “The ultimate test of a relationship, whether you’re spouses or strangers who just happened to show up on the same bicycle.”. • 100 Miler Pacers will be able to join their runner at Straight Canyon Aid Station or (mile 57.4, mile 77) or Crawford Pass Aid Station (mile 67.2). Kennedy promises challenge, more scenery than you’ll know what to do with, and the good chance that you will live to regret it, “most likely.” (But he’s joking, of course; surviving is listed in the races rules, which include ‘#1. If 150 miles isn’t enough, in 2021, some Gravel Worlds participants will tackle 300. Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites. “We’re so thankful for the generosity of the participants of the Long Voyage who’ve donated to the Randy Gibson Memorial Fund.”. REGISTRATION OPTIONS RPI Sun Valley | RPI Remote | RPI BaseCamp. It’s really pretty out here. These races are true tests of endurance and there is no better way to build a hemi-powered aerobic engine than with sweet spot training.If you look at a power file from just about any gravel grinder you’ll see that the majority of time the athlete spends ‘going hard‘ is in the sweet spot.